who are our teachers?

Our teachers are leaders who encourage our needs, guiding us through the fascinating world of knowledge! At WE, we submit our candidates to a careful process of selection. Our collaborators must be excellent communicators, and they must be familiar with the latest language teaching tools. Their will for teaching will inspire you to achieve what you want and what you need from the English, Chinese, and Portuguese languages to become a citizen of the world. They are collaborators, mentors, leaders who will tell you some intriguing and curious details of the Chinese and Brazilian cultures, as well as of several English-speaking countries. They use real daily situations, so you can apply what you learn immediately. In the functional language course, your lessons are based on the multicultural world of business, focusing on the corporate ambiance. To make this possible, you will find on our platform teachers from all over the world. After all, we are all connected to develop citizens of the world. Our teachers are committed to a valuable mission: teach, guide, and encourage our students.