Shefali Ramjathan

Shefali Ramjathan, is an experienced English second language educator, and brings with her a diverse work experience that spans 10 years across the education, FMCG and the clothing and apparel industries. The majority of her career was spent devising and creating traditional and digital brand strategies, developing marketing content and writing reports confidently and accurately. She has traveled widely learning to appreciate different cultures and communicating with a range of stakeholders from various levels, which fueled her passion to teach abroad. She is currently a second language educator in South Korea where she has lived for 4 years. She has traveled to thirteen countries for both business and leisure and still has plans for other interesting travel.
Her qualifications include an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Media studies, a post graduate certificate (PGCE) in Education, a certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), a post graduate diploma in Marketing Management (PGMM) and more recently, a Masters degree in Commerce (M-COM) from the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, with an emphasis on Digital Marketing.
Expertise: Shefali has great strength as a communicator, story-teller and planner. She is very skilled at establishing rapport and making people feel comfortable and at ease. She is a person with good organizational skills, is energetic and focused, and capable of getting things done. Due to her travels, she adapts easily to new environments has found creative ways to solve the problem. She strives to positively influence and motivate her students, colleagues, and team to help them reach their goals and full potential. Apart from her professional life, Shefali enjoys various types of music, dancing, hiking with friends and experimenting in the kitchen.