The present Term of Acceptance is intended to regulate the conditions of use of PLATFORMA WE – World English.

If the USER does not agree with any of the applicable terms, he/she must not complete his/her registration or use the services offered. The completion of the registration and the beginning of the use of PLATFORMA WE – World English will mean the subjection and tacit acceptance to all the terms and conditions foreseen.

The WE – World English Platform reserves the right to change these Terms of Acceptance at any time and at its own discretion. Before any changes come into effect, the WE – World English Platform will make every effort to inform users. Such notification may occur by the email registered in your account, by an advertisement on this page, by the login page and/or by other means. Changes to these Terms of Acceptance will apply only to future purchases (including any automatic renewals).


1.1 The platform offered by WE – World English promotes the meeting between teachers and students, in order to provide prior interaction between the parties, contracting services, through specific methods for each teacher, provided that within the parameters established in the code of conduct of the platform, always referring to the teaching of foreign languages.

1.2 The course will be held through a digital platform provided by WE – World English.

1.3 The workload may vary according to the number of classes or the workload contracted by the student, which may be through classes of 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

1.4 The materials will be made available by WE – World English to the student and will be available for consultation by the participants over 03 months after the hiring of each class, allowing flexibility of study schedules. After the end of the maximum contract period, access to the environment will be unavailable. If the participant wishes to extend access, he/she must contact WE – World English.

1.5 Texts and materials may be provided in digital format, such as PDF, HTML, PPT, videos, etc.


2.1 The student must register in WE – World English and then choose the language and the desired teacher.

2.2 Upon completing the WE – World English registration form, the participant will receive an email with a link to confirm registration.  

2.3 All participants registered at WE – World English will receive an email notification of the teacher's acceptance of the assignment.


3.1 The value will be per hour/class, according to the exclusive definition of the hired teacher.

3.2 If for any reason you are not satisfied with the platform and you understand that you have the right to terminate the business relationship with WE – World English and obtain a refund, this will only be possible upon request made within the first 7 days from the date of contracting. . Any right of repentance must be exercised in the specific area of the website and in accordance with the website's terms of use.


4.1 An online certificate of participation, containing the participant's full name (as indicated on the registration form), the teacher's name, and the total workload, as well as the language studied, will be awarded to those who meet the certification criteria.

4.2 The certificate referred to in Item 4.1 will be available for printing only to the USER that meets the certification criteria, for up to 10 days after the end of it, and the USER is solely and exclusively responsible for printing said certificate. 


5.1. In view of the collaborative nature, the participants, when registering, authorize WE – World English, to broadcast, free of charge, any and all material eventually sent and posted by it, thus enabling the exchange of content and experiences that it proposes. .


6.1. Participants declare, for all legal purposes, that participation in no way alters the ownership of the materials and texts to which they will have access during the use of the platform, given that they cannot, under any circumstances, claim ownership of materials to which had access during the use of the platform, with all material protected by copyright law in force. 

6.2 WE – World English is not responsible for the full use by the participants, given that it is exclusively up to each one to dedicate and study the contents that may be made available.

6.3 The participant declares to be aware that the course platform may, at any time, be changed or suspended, at the discretion of the organizers, as specified in the items of this term. 

6.4 WE – World English may send e-mails and SMS to participants for the dissemination of other contents related to the Education area. 

6.5 WE – World English will not accept the registration of people who practiced the sale of content, or other courses on social networks, without the proper written authorization of the courses, as well as students who enrolled in the course in previous years and requested cancellation of the course before completing the 7 days of purchase, as established by the Consumer Protection Code, after downloading the course contents. The student enrolled in WE – World English who is denounced and identified selling the contents of WE – World English, regardless of proof of guilt or intent, will be penalized with the cancellation of their access and consequent permanent exclusion from WE – World English, leaving WE – World English not obliged to reimburse any amounts that may have already been paid by the student. 


7.1 The student, to participate in the platform, must read and accept this term of acceptance, being aware of all items in the term. 

7.2 The non-acceptance of the term implies the withdrawal of the participant from the course.