Jeanete Jost Collet

Graduated in Technologist in Leather Production at Feevale University (RS), Master in Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul with emphasis in Production Management and MBA in Business Management from FGV, Postgraduate in English Language Teaching from Estácio is a professional with extensive experience in national and international industry. She started her career as a consultant and professor at the SENAI Institute of Technology in Leather and the Environment, where he worked for 13 years. teach, learn and sharing knowledge has always been and continues to be one of his passions. He grew up in a bilingual environment, speaking Portuguese and German and, later, fell in love with the English language. He studied 5 years at the Cliff Idiomas school, has a Postgraduate degree in English Language Teaching from Universidade Estácio de Sá and did a immersion course in Canada. In Brazil, it maintains Jost & Collet Leather Consultancy Ltd. since 2011, providing specialized consulting services for companies in the leather sector, from production, industrialization, development, trading and commercialization of products. Always attentive to market opportunities and driven by the fascination for different cultures, in 2002 he began the international stage of consulting, working in countries like India, USA, Italy, China and Vietnam and Korea where he continues working until today through consulting, training and lectures. expertise Excellent planner, has great ability to create and develop solutions in the most varied areas and easily adapts to different cultures and scenarios. As a leader, he leads teams to achieve their best performance and exerts positive influence to keep them motivated to achieve their goals. In addition, she is a full-fledged cook, loves to gather family and friends, read, study, learn new languages and travel. Have you had the opportunity to visit more from 17 countries and follows with a list of others to discover.

Some companies I've worked for: