Ana Paula Chamorro Bonow

Graduated in Law from the Federal University of Pelotas (RS), she is studying Letters/English at Estácio de Sá and is a Master's student in Letters from the Federal University of Pelotas. She started her career as a sales consultant at the Yázigi language school. After graduating in Law, he devoted himself to law for two years and then decided to pursue his passion for teaching English. He has studied English for over twenty years, having taken two proficiencies, Cambridge B2 and Toefl ITP. She has three years of experience as an English instructor and is passionate about the classroom. In addition, she is preparing for Cambridge CELTA in order to raise her quality as a teacher. He has great ability to work in a team and believes that one of the best ways to solve problems is through the exchange of ideas. She is very dedicated to her work and very studious. In addition to English, he is dedicated to studying other languages, such as French and Spanish, but has already ventured into the world of German, Italian and even Romanian. Another of his passions is literary translation, his area of concentration in the master's degree, and travelling. In July 2021, he will do his first language exchange to Ireland, but he continues to dream of discovering new places, inside and outside Brazil.