The present Term of Acceptance is intended to regulate the conditions of use of PLATFORMA WE – World English.

If the USER does not agree with any of the applicable terms, he/she must not complete his/her registration or use the services offered. The completion of the registration and the beginning of the use of PLATFORMA WE – World English will mean the subjection and tacit acceptance to all the terms and conditions foreseen.

The WE – World English Platform reserves the right to change these Terms of Acceptance at any time and at its own discretion. Before any changes come into effect, the WE – World English Platform will make every effort to inform users. Such notification may occur by the email registered in your account, by an advertisement on this page, by the login page and/or by other means. Changes to these Terms of Acceptance will apply only to future purchases (including any automatic renewals).


1.1 The platform offered by WE – World English promotes the meeting between teachers and students, in order to provide prior interaction between the parties, contracting services, through specific methods for each teacher, provided that within the parameters established in the code of conduct of the platform, always referring to the teaching of foreign languages.

1.2 The course will be held through a digital platform provided by WE – World English.


2.1 To become a teacher, you must fill in the fields in the registration area, requested directly on the WE – World English page, sending them through the form provided, together with an updated document with photo (identity or work card or passport or class card) that can be sent through our platform. Other documents may be requested, at the discretion of WE – World English, essential for the completion of the registration, in order to guarantee the security of the platform and its users, respecting the highest standards of security and privacy in their content.

2.2 Upon completing the WE – World English registration form, the participant will receive an email with a link to confirm registration.

2.3 Your duly completed application will be evaluated by our team. If approved, you will receive an email from our team informing you that you are eligible. Your member status will change to teacher and you will have the ability to create and manage a teacher profile on the platform. From this moment on, you will be able to start your services, including offering classes for students.

2.4 As a condition of applying to be a teacher, you agree and authorize us to use your personal information, such as your full name and date of birth and Social Security number to obtain reports as well as copy all necessary documents.

2.5 To offer your services on the platform, you must describe the specific service you offer, detailing your teaching scope, setting expectations.

2.6 The teacher is prohibited from offering services with intent to commit fraud, advertising third-party teaching services, platform, software and/or applications.


3.1 By accepting a service request from a student, you agree to the following terms: (i) only use the WE – World English platform to manage all service requests, (ii) promptly respond to communications within the platform; (iii) keep a record of the details of teacher-student communication.

3.2 When accepting a service request from a student, the teacher must comply with the following policies when participating in the platform: (i) commitment to the scheduled class; (ii) notify of your inability to attend; (iii) keep your records up to date, they are useful if there is a student/teacher dispute; (iv) start the class without fail at the time scheduled with the student; (v) connect in advance with the student, at least 15 minutes beforehand; (vi) wait for the late student until the end of class, the teacher must be available to start class at any time during the scheduled class time; (vii) the teacher is not obligated to compensate for the student's tardiness; (viii) finish class at the correct time, you can have a class afterwards; (vix) rescheduling is an exclusive decision of the teacher;

3.3 If, in the event that you are unable to serve the student at the previously agreed time, you agree to (i) immediately inform the student that you cannot provide your teaching services at the scheduled time, and provide the student with a reason; and (ii) immediately inform WE – World English customer service, justifying the impossibility.

3.4 After obtaining the student's consent, a teacher may cancel or reschedule any scheduled teacher service (including a class) at any time that is more than 24 hours before the start of the teacher's service. Cancellation or rescheduling must be done through the platform and following the cancellation and rescheduling process.

3.5 After obtaining the student's consent, a teacher may cancel or reschedule any scheduled teacher service (including a class) at any time that is more than 24 hours before the start of the teacher's service. Cancellation or rescheduling must be done through the platform and following the cancellation and rescheduling process.

3.6 By entering into this term, you agree: (i) to use only the platform's payment service; (ii) provide useful, objective and balanced feedback to the student; (iii) maintain Students' privacy in accordance with the Privacy Policy, including refraining from requesting any personally identifiable information from Students, such as date of birth, age, government-issued identification number, telephone number, or home address ; (iv) maintain the privacy of your personal information; (v) cooperate with WE – World English in any anti-fraud, criminal or civil actions and in the resolution of any disputes; (vi) report any violation of the terms of use or any other WE – World English policies, including misuse of ratings and feedback.

3.7 By entering into this term, you agree to the following standards of service: (i) respect the student, avoiding asking personal questions about political, religious affiliations, origins; (ii) be polite; (iii) respect your student; (iv) be responsive, use platform notifications and respond quickly to student messages; (v) actively manage your calendar and profile; (vi) Respect student privacy.


4.1 The teacher will breach these terms in the event of: (i) failing to deliver any teacher service for which payment has been accepted; (ii) fail to make reasonable efforts to resolve a dispute with a student; (iii) create unacceptable levels of student dissatisfaction; (iv) violate any of WE – World English's terms or policies.

4.2 We reserve the right to take any of these actions in case of breach of the terms: (i) cancel your services; (ii) limit your account privileges; (iii) suspend or terminate your account; (iv) offset or withhold your payments; (v) contact legal authorities or seek legal remedies.


5.1. In view of the collaborative nature, the participants, when registering, authorize WE – World English, to broadcast, free of charge, any and all material eventually sent and posted by it, thus enabling the exchange of content and experiences that it proposes.

5.2 Any articles, videos or any other materials used in your teacher services or uploaded to WE – World English constitute member content. As a result, you own the copyright to your content, and WE – World English claims any proprietary rights in any content.

5.3 Each student is hereby granted the right to use, view and copy the content of while providing its services solely for personal, non-commercial educational purposes. All representations, warranties, license grants and other provisions contained herein apply to all content you submit to WE – World English.

5.4 In addition to the license you grant to use, view, copy, modify, distribute, publish and otherwise exploit your content, you grant a license to use teacher content (including your introductory video) and information about your teaching services in marketing, advertising and promotion of the WE – World English platform in any medium. For the avoidance of doubt, we can publish your intro video on official channels, on third-party video hosting and streaming services such as Youtube, Vimeo.

5.5 We will remove any teacher presentation videos from our official channels on third-party video hosting and streaming services upon written request. You also grant the right to use your profile name as part of our marketing, advertising and branding.


6.1 The teacher, to participate in the WE – World English platform, must read and accept this acceptance term, being aware of all the items in the term.

6.2 The non-acceptance of the term implies the teacher's disconnection from the platform.