Eryck Alberys Gomes Da Silva

Hello! My name’s Eryck. I’ve been an English teacher since 2019, my didactics include actively talking with my students when I’m in class with them, moreover, I worship their development in the English language every single class. If you are one of them I’ll make sure that you are going to evolve like everyone else. For me, whenever I start with a new class, I find a new whole world of opportunity. The first time I taught English to  someone  I was in the last year of my elementary school, by this time I wasn’t that good in English although I actually liked to teach them, after that it took me 3 years to teach someone again, that time I was teaching as a teacher, no more as a friend of someone of my class,
It would be a great pleasure to meet all of you in class, I’m hoping to see you.